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It’s not rocket science…

But making TV shows can be hard

Sometimes you run into problems nobody could anticipate. Sometimes you can see them coming, but it’s not obvious what to do. Sometimes they just crop up over and over again.

I can help in a few ways…

Scripting & Editorial

This is what people most often ask me to do. Usually, I’m brought in when shows are behind schedule in the edits, often up against TX.

That’s fine.

I can turn around a total rewrite of a one-hour show, working with a cut, writing to picture, in two days. Or I can give detailed editorial notes to your production teams within a half day turnaround.

I’m experienced with most genres of factual TV, and I can add clarity, humour, drama or mystery to any script as required.

Consultancy & Troubleshooting

I can save you money. Sometimes things can spiral out of control, and it’s better for everyone if that doesn’t happen. A typical year for me as a showrunner would be running up to three shows at a time, totalling around 42 hours of airtime, with a combined budget just shy of $20 million. I can advise on how to structure and timetable productions to work economically and effectively.


Usually ideas come to me to be written up, but I’m happy to take part in any stage of of the process.


Get In Touch

Sometimes I’m brought in by the network, but I also work directly for production companies. Most of my work is for US cable. I also do British and Canadian TV. I have clients in London, New York, Montreal and Los Angeles.

If your production needs some help, or you just want to find out more, send me an e mail

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